Carlos Alberto

Carlos Alberto has a private meditation practice that dates back to over 20 years. After numerous years of practice and several 10-day silent meditation retreats, he realized that his true passion is to uplift human consciousness; to manifest a better world. He became a certified mindfulness instructor in 2016 and after completing advance training, he’s now a faculty member at MNDFL Meditation studios. He also works for their not-for-profit arm MNDFL Ed, in which he works closely with the Department of Education, faculty and staff to bring mindfulness techniques to public school students K-12 & College. In addition, he co-facilitates monthly meditation sessions throughout the year at The Training Institute for Mental Health, and a weekly Men’s Group Meeting, providing a safe space to connect, be vulnerable, relate, and support each other emotionally to achieve personal goals. Carlos’ latest project is working with the Administration of Children’s Services to provide mindfulness techniques to juvenile justice youth. For Carlos, consciousness is a lifestyle choice worthy of implementing in all aspects of life. Carlos is the father of a teenage son and lives in Chelsea, NYC.