Cresta White

Cresta is a certified body worker, intuitive energy worker, an herbal apprentice, traditional folk healer and a technologist. As a student at the Oregon School of Massage, she discovered what it is to be ‘called’ to a purpose. Cresta realized in the full sense of the word what it is to experience other ways of ‘knowing’ and she has dedicated a lifetime of study, practice and revelation of our bodies, our spirits and holding space for the ways in which they connect. Cresta’s approach to healing is intuitive and intellectual informed by Eastern and Western eclectic medicine, rooted in African diasporic spiritualism and profound reverence to nature. As a healer she relies on the spiritual connection between herself as a practitioner, the person and the world. Cresta’s massage practice spans 20 years of communicating with physical, emotional and energetic bodies through therapeutic touch, essential oils, plant and food medicine. She is deeply committed to Black liberation and the Queer community.

“The body is made of earth and gold, sky and stars, rivers and oceans.
 Nourish every nerve.”