Daoud Abeid

Daoud actualized his life long attraction to spirituality and the healing arts in 2005. He has been surrounded by martial arts and healing practices since childhood. Spiritual awareness was common place within his family and immediate surroundings. His mother first introduced him to Reiki in 1991and after years of curiosity and searching he was finally introduced to his Reiki master who was visiting New York from India in 2005. Since then he has been actively working to expose people to wellness, energy healing, and the philosophy that disease or health is the product of life choices. He is dedicated to inspiring people to embrace choices that reinforce healthy living. Daoud trains with indigenous South and North American Medicine people and utilizes techniques from these traditions in his healing work. Daoud is also a black belt in Kuntaw a Filipino Martial art. He began training with his teacher in 1999.

Daoud is working toward normalizing spiritual and healing practices as well as our understanding of community, through workshops and retreats. He feels that people are suffering from a spiritual disconnect from self and ancestors, and that with an embrace of the traditions, wellness will be restored to many who are suffering.