Darryl Aiken-Afam

Darryl Aiken-Afam is a martial artist and a practitioner of the Taoist healing and meditation arts, Meridian Cleansing Qigong, Zen Shiatsu and Taoist psychology. Darryl created his own system of Chi energy based yoga called Meridian Touch back in 2000, derived from Chinese Tao-In exercises and blended with Zen Shiatsu, Athletic Training, and Martial Arts philosophy. He has taught this unique and effortless form of healing yoga to collegiate, professional and Olympic athletes, and has had notable clients likes Ahimir “Questlove” Thompson, Curtis Granderson of the Los Angeles Dodgers, and Craig Robinson (older brother to Former First Lady Michelle Obama). Darryl is also very active in the world of social justice. His “Contact & Conversation” events, designed to help everyday people to converse deeply and successfully about race, uses mindfulness mediation, yoga, human touch, and social psychology to bridge the gulf of pain and emotion associated with discussing race. Darryl is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, holds a Masters Degree in Leadership Psychology from Penn State University, and played keyboards on tour for the funk group Cameo back in the 90’s!