Elizabeth Smith

With more than 35 years experience, astrologer, astrocartography expert and Qigong healer, Elizabeth Smith is a gifted counselor and seasoned speaker with a passion for facilitating liberation with this life-changing knowledge. She learned her craft from the greats of the astrological world: Isabel Hickey, Jim Lewis, Liz Greene and Robert Pelletier as well as through direct transmissions from the natural world.

Elizabeth brings a fun-loving nature and calm vitality to her wisdom-centered work which she attributes to lifelong practices of T’ai Chi, Dao-In Chinese Yoga and Eight Treasures Qigong under the guidance of grandmasters Cheng Man-Ching, Ni Hua-Ching and Robert Peng.

Through an integrated understanding of mind and bodies, both celestial and human, her private consultations reflect the ancient synergy between the alchemy of astrology and life force energy cultivation to invoke inspiration, clarity and healing of mind, body and spirit. Elizabeth’s dynamic group workshops draw from these long related traditions as well, to illuminate the understanding of stellar influences with direct energetic experience.