Ericka Rose, LMHC

Believing that every person is an individual with experiences that are unique to them, Ericka sought and has mastered therapeutic techniques and skills in a wide range of healing modalities. Having expertise in a plethora of therapeutic practices allows Ericka to create and provide individualistic planning that is genuinely client-centered. To ensure that each person receives optimum collaborative attention, Ericka works with Physicians, Psychiatrists, Nutritionists, Body Workers/Trainers, and Kinesiologists. Ericka’s clients include adolescents, adults, couples, and families regardless of lifestyles, cultures, belief systems, or orientations.

One of Ericka’s main objectives is to help rid the mundane stigmas of therapists within the black community. Through various observation, she saw the lack of education on the importance of mental wellness among most people of color. Many would label mental health as a service only sought after for“crazy people” or“weak” individuals. Thus, making the idea of hiring a therapist a taboo in the community. Many have turned to the church for mental assistance & wellness, rather than seek a mental health care professional, who is trained to assist. Ericka believes that prayer with therapy is a beneficial option!