Heiki Buelau

Heiki Buelau

I come to this work by way of my own transformation. Grounded in years of social change and trauma work with my organization

The Changing Room 11, and coaching individuals struggling with trauma and addiction as a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, I felt I needed to take my work a step further. I got certified in Mindfulness (MBSR) and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapies and started my private practice.

A serial escapist, I spent decades thinking if only I ran faster, twisted my mind into thinking less, became a better meditator, more sober, less gay etc., I would become able to cope with past experiences that kept haunting me, would never again have to deal with anything disturbing in my life and finally start loving myself. Needless to say, that did not work out so well. I was about to realize that I was not actually living my life but merely ‘making it through’ when I was gifted the awareness of Presence. A gift with twists. I had to learn that not having been present for all those years also meant that I had not actually lived in my body and ‘returning home’ was a painful, yet the most significant and profound process of my life.

This is where Somatics came in. Working with a Somatic Practitioner ultimately guided me from merely existing towards being alive. From living for the outside validation of strangers, to the inner awakening of being my very own and only true resource. By working with different internal parts I began to understand that nothing was ‘wrong’ with me and that only by being in loving, compassionate and present relation with my Self, would I be able to build the same kind of relationships with others. This completely transformed my lived experience.

Today, guiding others on this path towards transformation is my true purpose.

I draw from a variety of neuroscience based, trauma-informed modalities in my work, including Internal Family Systems, Somatics, Somatic Experiencing, Hakomi and other somatic approaches.

I am here to hold safe space for you as we stand in the power of Radical Presence together.