Janelle Corrie, LCSW

Janelle Corrie, LCSW is a strengths-based psychotherapist who partners with motivated adults to discover and magnify their strengths in order to cope with life stressors and live on their terms. With an emphasis on self-exploration, self-acceptance, and self-love, Janelle uses a humanistic and positive psychology approach to provide space for clients to give back to themselves. As a therapist, Janelle understands that being herself, flaws and all, is just as significant in the room, if not more so, than the training received to get into the room. Therapy, at its most basic level, is about human connection: being and feeling seen and heard.

Janelle thinks of therapy as a comforting space to risk vulnerability for the reward of freedom; therapy is conversation, therapy is partnership, therapy is relationship. In the room, therapists are not experts; they are listeners, mirrors, and unconditional supporters. By adding perspective, calling attention to blind spots, and supplementing with a healthy dose of humor, Janelle’s goal is to help clients discover their “right way” to live in the silver lining. Whether discussing individual thoughts and feelings, personal relationships, career aspirations, race, sexuality, finances, self-esteem, or any array of other potential challenges, Janelle reminds you where you put the keys to your toolbox and to take full and complete ownership of your healing process.

After 10+ years in the field doing direct work in the addictions and psychiatry spaces, Janelle was moved to transition to full time private practice in the light of the high need of Black practitioners given the mounting civil unrest and highlighted systemic oppression of 2020. She has a particular interest in partnering with BIPOC womxn supersurvivors who have overcome incredible odds to work through managing and owning their successes.