Jill Kibildis

Hi, I’m Jill Kibildis of Happy Skin! I’m a 10+ year licensed Esthetician and Reiki practitioner.

I’m a native New Yorker, hailing from the sandy shores of Rockaway Beach, with some desert influences from going to college at The University of Arizona.

My facials are always “results-oriented”, in that there is always a goal in mind for the client to attain immediate (and future) observable positive changes in their skin. I am passionate about educating clients about their skin, and always assess their skin by learning their internal and external habits/environments.

Because I’m trained in Reiki healing, the energy just naturally flows through my hands, so my facials are always Reiki-infused, with lots of European-style facial massaging.

Each facial has a level of customization that will be dependent on the client’s current skin condition(s). This is something I assess each visit to ensure a beneficial service.

My end goal is to have the client feel physically and emotionally confident in their own skin – to have Happy Skin!

I’m so eager and excited to have Happy Skin be part of the Heal Haus community!