Joshua Dorfman

A healer, life coach and educator in a class of his very own. Born extrasensory, he always had a gift enabling him to know things beyond the physical, like feeling the energy of a person, a situation, knowing a person’s true intentions and when something bad was going to happen. As he grew, he came across various mentors who passed onto him great spiritual wisdom. Driven by a clear purpose to serve as much of humanity as possible, Joshua uses his clairvoyant and empathic abilities to support others looking for more balance and deep spiritual healing. He has developed a full time practice offering one on one healing, weekly meditation classes, custom corporate seminars, life coaching, and mentorship programs. From the corporate cubicles of A&E TV network to backstage at Broadway performances Hamilton and On Your Feet, Joshua is a highly sought after corporate wellness facilitator, focusing on mindfulness and meditation. Recently, Joshua has been featured as a panelist at the New York Board of Education and The New Museum illustrating the power of Sound as a tool for Mindfulness and Higher Consciousness Development, advocating that Mindfulness practices should be included in New York public schools. He has been hired to create educational classes for online platforms and is blooming as a public speaker and wellness consultant. Joshua is a certified Reiki Master and Vortex healer.