Karmay Sahara

Karmay is a Certified Reiki Levell II Practitioner, Intuitive Wellness Coach, Trauma-Informed Circle Facilitator, and CEO of Gloetry Assembly.

She received her certification for Usui Reiki from Reiki Masters Manu Del Prete and Aki Hirata Baker, and has been practicing for over a year. Karmay’s unique practice utilizes and integrative approach combining, oracle card readings, aromatherapy, essential oils, crystals, chakra balancing, sound healing, aura cleansing, guided meditation and intuitive coaching to provide the client with a deeply transformative experience. She channels your spirit guides, ancestors, and angels to work with the subtle vibrations of your body to restore balance. She specialiazes in helping clients who experience anxiety and stress, depression, difficulty concentrating and debilitating self-doubt. Her clients express feeling major shifts in their energetic bodies, complete relaxation and healing.