Kia Islam

Growing up between the East Coast and the Middle East, Kia has been exposed to a variety of devotional and cultural practices from a young age. Upon moving to New York city to study photography, culture & media she was introduced to Hatha yoga under the teachings of Dharma Mittra. Asana practice totally transformed her understanding of the mind body soul connection; truly igniting a deep sense of wonder and amazement of the varieties of experiences of healing that the physical body can journey through. Her connection to the philosophy and the inspiring practice of Bhakti yoga works to deepen her connection to her own roots and encourages her love to serve others. After completing her 200 hr RYT through the Bhakti Center in 2016, Kia has been making art, working with children and diving deeper into both the healing and visual arts. Kia’s classes are focused on awareness of the breath while making shapes, using intuitive movement and music to touch the soul and explore the space of light within.