Krystal Miller, LMSW

Krystal Miller is an LMSW who has been actively practicing in the field for almost 10 years. Krystal treats individual, couples and adolescents with a clinical framework of cognitive, holistic and cultural modalities. Some of the her experience includes childhood and sexual trauma, domestic violence, substance use, anxiety, depression, self harm, traumas attached to cultural identity and goal setting–all to ultimately create the life that is desired.

Krystal embodies “Meet the client where they are” because she recognizes that each client has their own story and needs once they walk through the door. By doing so with the help of motivational interviewing, Krystal ensures that not only is the client’s current reality validated but supports them in connecting dots that weren’t previously revealed to them.

With a drive for servicing communities of color, Krystal is focused on breaking any cycles that are no longer serving the individual (generational, romantic, personal, etc). She will provide practical tools each session while holding the client accountable for their growth so that questions such as “What do you want?” or “Who are you?” are answered with unwavering confidence moving forward.