Leo Bierman & Liz Moyer

Leo Bierman is a co-founder of the Brooklyn Center for Sacred Activism, an interfaith minister, spiritual director, and an acupuncturist. He has received extensive formal training for over a decade in many of the world’s spiritual and healing traditions, and now applies this knowledge to social change strategy. He currently runs a private and community acupuncture clinic in New York City, and through the Brooklyn Center for Sacred Activism he works to help move individuals, organizations, and institutions toward greater wisdom and compassion, and to improve their ability to create lasting, positive change. https://www.sacredactivism.nyc/

Liz Moyer is a writer, facilitator and sustainable development practitioner with over ten years of experience in the social impact and international development fields. Healing, at the personal level and at the collective level, is at the center of her life’s work. She is the founder of We Heal for All through which she offers coaching, workshops and programs to assist us in processing the complexity of our times and to develop new competencies for our changing world. Learn more about her story here.