Liridona Duraku

Liri is an intuitive. She comes from a lineage of female farmers and readers. Growing up she spent her summers in her Mother’s natal Macedonia and her Fathers natal Kosovo. In these homes, she learned the importance of ancestry, land and spirit. Today Liri is a Tarot Reader, Herbalist and Energy worker. Having worked on Farms on and off for over half a decade, she has forged a deep connection with the earth. She’s an avid forager and wildcrafter. She has been reading Tarot since she was about 8 years old. Expanding on her practice, she founded Potions by Liri. This company is a combination of Tarot and Herbal Services as well as intuitively crafted Herbal preparations. Liri grows or wildcrafts all her herbs for her products, matching harvests with the movements of the moon and the cosmos. When she cannot grow or forage herself, she turns to a few trusted small farms that share her commitment to sustainable agriculture. All products are made with intention and respect for the land.