Liza Harris

I received my 200-hour teaching certification from Laughing Lotus in 2017.

How often do we pause in our day and pay attention to how we feel or notice the thoughts running
through our mind? I believe that the yoga mat is our own personal island where any emotions we feel – joy, dread, excitement, fear – can safely surface without judgement.

The practice clears away the distractions, slows us down and allows us to tune into ourselves. To me, yoga is the experience of body and breath united with soul. It is tapping back into your true nature and finding peace within.

I want to create a safe space for people to feel connected, more vibrant, alive and intune with themselves. All of us struggle to strike a balance between the image we present to the world and the reality of our inner landscape. My classes allow you to tap into you.
Yoga is an indispensable factor to the quality of my life and for that, I am inspired to share this practice with others.