Lora Sheldon

Lora has recently settled in Brooklyn to join the dynamic community here and to share the wisdom of healing and growth that has been her passion for the last ten years. A longtime Yoga teacher and student she says she is living her most adventurous life at this beginning of her “Third Act” and is excited to teach a variety of modalities that she has studied and practiced. Tools she feels will be helpful and complementary to living daily life along with the practice of Yoga, dance or any form of exercise and activity.

“I believe we all have an amazing rich story that comes from our life experience, the challenges we’ve faced can lead towards helping us find peace and wisdom in our later life if we are open to that idea. I have lived a full life always working diligently and trying to do the best I could. I was a teenage mother and experienced early injury and trauma that stayed with my body for most of my life. Always trying to “fix myself” and relieve my pain, I tried everything alternative I could find though living in a small Texas town there wasn’t a lot so I was always seeking on my own. Dramatically changing my life a decade ago at 50, I stepped fully into spiritual seeking mode, I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, driven to fix what was wrong me. My adventurous journey has taken me to and through years of focused Yoga discipline and training, into and out of the mental health system, around the globe and back studying eastern philosophy and healing modalities, and of course doing my own physical, emotional and spiritual work and play. The most auspicious piece of discovery I’ve come to is to find that I can be my own most powerful ally as I embrace belief that my own internal experience is as valid as any outside perspective. In all I offer I hope to share the concept of living with ease and confidence.”