Matt Johnson, LCSW

Matt Johnson, LCSW is a state licensed psychotherapist in private practice. His work is primarily catered toward issues such as acute stress, interpersonal difficulties, and challenges involving mood and anxiety. His practice aims at helping individuals uncover, clarify, and address substantial barriers which block pleasure and satisfaction in daily life.

Through a deep exploration of historical, interpersonal, and emotional factors in conjunction with the development of practical skills, Matt aims to help individuals foster wellbeing. Recognizing that mental wellbeing is multi-factorial, Matt views psychotherapy as a holistic process aiming to de-pathologize and destigmatize the common psychological and emotional issues so prevalent in our society.

With over 7 years of practice in the public and private mental health sphere and 10 years as a practitioner of Vipassana meditation, Matt has garnered a wealth of experience in a number of effective therapeutic approaches from mindfulness to psychoanalysis.