Maya Piergies

After a decade of practicing classical yoga and studying Tibetan and Zen philosophy, Maya received her 200 hour RYT certification with Yuuki Hirano, Ariel Kiley, and David Silverberg at Dou Yoga in Brooklyn. She went on to earn certifications in Trauma Informed Yoga with Kath Meadows of the Yoga Prison Project and yoga for addiction recovery with Nikki Meyers, founder of Y12SR (Yoga of 12 Step Recovery). Maya teaches open level classes and workshops in Brooklyn and leads restorative yoga classes and support groups in rehabilitation centers and other spaces in the recovery community throughout New York City. She also hosts creative pop-up classes on rooftops and in parks, usually with live music and an incredible co-teacher at her side. Maya has a lifetime of experience dealing with addictive patterns in herself and those around her. Her yoga practice integrates the aspects of her self that were fragmented by addiction, teaches her how to let go and accept the things she can’t change, and gives her the strength and clarity to realize positive transformation. She hopes to share the healing benefits of yoga practice with others struggling with addiction.