Muriel Radocchio, LCSW

Muriel is a psychotherapist who’s been practicing for over 7 years. Muriel utilizes a variety of evidence-based practices, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), and rational-emotive cognitive behavioral therapy (RE-CBT), to help people achieve long-term relief from emotional suffering and interpersonal stress. Muriel has extensive experience with the treatment of depression, anxiety, personality disorders, trauma, self-harming behavior, and adjustment distress.

With a background in social work, Muriel believes that effective psychotherapy involves treatment that includes a bio-psycho-social approach. Clients receive a comprehensive assessment, then collaboratively outline treatment goals. Treatment is always tailored to the individual person, using their strengths in combination with Muriel’s experience and training, to help them achieve their treatment goals.

Muriel is currently practicing therapy at a community healthcare center in Harlem, where she is also a manager, working as an Associate Director of the counseling center. Prior to this, Muriel was a social work supervisor at the second largest supportive housing site in the world, located in Manhattan. Muriel has worked as a therapist in private practice in both New York City and in Connecticut.