Naiylah M. Warren, LMFT

Can you honestly say that there is one space and/or relationship in your life that is ONLY about You? Didn’t think so. For many years therapy has been a luxury that many people could not afford and quite frankly a scary endeavor. After studying design, I transitioned into the helping profession because the truth is I was more passionate about what people had in their minds than on their bodies (although that’s important too).

I am passionate about helping young adults navigate adulthood, relationships, break-ups, transitional phases in life, and family issues. I have a long history of working with persons impacted by addiction, mental health diagnosis and relationship issues.

My approach is making therapy feel like a conversation with humor and candor in an attempt to make the process of self-exploration authentic. I love working with individuals, couples and families; with the goal that everyone will leave with greater understanding of themselves/others and the tools for long-term success!