Najma Dawood

My yoga practice began about five years ago, and was initially just a method of gaining flexibility and finding a little bit of peace. In the past few years my practice has become an integral part of my mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing. I have struggled with anxiety for much of my life, and a lot of it can be attributed to feeling pressure to perform and conform. Yoga helped me to shed the expectations of others, including myself, and prioritize living authentically. I received my 200-RYT in Vinyasa from Sacred Brooklyn Studio in April of 2019. Increasing my yoga practice during teacher training allowed me to dive deep into the core of my being and emerge with a renewed sense of self and a sense of knowing that I was never able to access before. It gave me the tools to find my peace in any situation and the courage to keep going regardless of what others think. In my class, students will have the opportunity to reconnect with their spirit through a slow progression of gentle postures, a few well-placed challenges—all leading up to a sweet surrender in Savasana. I love to give my students time and space to really feel the transitions between asana and achieve proper alignment. You can always count on me to have a vibe-y playlist and foster a fun, non-judgmental environment. I can’t wait to lead and be led by you!