Nira Shah, LMHC

I am a NY-state licensed psychotherapist and yoga instructor with experiences in social work, humanitarian refugee spaces, and private practice. As a therapist, I draw from cognitive behavioral, trauma-informed, and intersectional approaches with deep focuses on mindfulness and compassion. I believe that healing and adaptive coping mechanisms are within us all and I’m passionate about empowering clients to discover and build their inner strength, in a safe space.

Our work together can help you develop a sense of joy. Joy doesn’t necessarily mean being “happy” all the time; it means gaining a sense of peace through both the good and the bad. I support clients with concerns of anxiety, depression, trauma, life transitions, relationship difficulties, blocks of creativity, and racial/social equity and justice.

Therapy is exploring ways to navigate the distressing tidal waves in life so that they feel less intense and the calmer waves can be enjoyed more deeply. I look forward to helping you explore your own vast ocean and develop a sense of balance and self-compassion.

I accept UHC, Oxford, Oscar, and Optum insurance plans.