Omar Davis (Crashbell)

Born and raised in Corpus Christi, Texas, Omar moved to New York City and studied at the Swedish Institute. Practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist, he built a successful practice in medical and sports rehabilitation. He began to notice the overall change as he would educate patients on mental and emotional awareness in relation to their tension or stressors. To reach a bigger audience he began teaching in corporate settings educating groups on postural, emotional and mental awareness. Making people more productive and self-aware. He has also experienced reality in a way that most would call supernatural or surreal, he states. Communicating with beings from many planes of existence taught him, our reality is not what we think. He strives to help people understand what reality truly is and not what we have been taught. We live in a fast new world and we must be aware of all the wonderful things we are capable of.

Omar has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 6 years and has developed a sport Rehab/Medical Massage practice. He focuses on issues that are not only physical, but also educating on how ailments can be cause by trapped emotions and energy. Each session is specific to the holistic needs of each patient and will be given tools and activity to support the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.