Patricia Luensmann

Patricia is a certified Yoga Teacher in the NYC area. Her practice aims to cultivate mental, physical and emotional wellness through yoga, meditation, and reiki. In a society where healing and spirituality have become a ‘trend’, her teachings are rooted in doing the work, being vulnerable, and healing the deepest parts of yourself that have long been neglected. Patricia emphasizes her work to show that healing is for everybody regardless of shape, color, gender or identity.

Patricia offers Vinyasa classes that encourage students to get out of their heads and into their bodies; To physically challenge you with the goal to spiritually ground you. She believes that yoga, is a way to work through the alternating thoughts of our mind and a way to remind us of our divinity. Patricia aims to bring that experience and realization to every class. In addition to vinyasa, Patricias offerings include yin, meditation and reiki healing.