Paulina Serafina

Paulina was initiated into natural folk remedies encompassing herbalism and cupping by her grandmother. From the time she was little, Paulina wanted to serve God and join the monastic order as a nun. Spirituality played an important role in Paulina’s life, blending the organically ascending nature of her spiritual gifts with the ancient wisdom of the Earth. Paulina soon realized that her gifts could not be contained, nor fully accepted within the religious order. Paulina then began her professional career working in the corporate world. After 8 years of energetic work, she was initiated to become a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master. Today she incorporates reiki, traditional medicines and transcendental healing modalities from wise women all over the world. Paulina’s pathway of healing then evolved into designing her own unique modality that reached into the higher dimensional chakra system and focused on removing blockages, retrieving soul parts, reconnecting and empowering the human blueprint on a spiritual, physical and emotional level.

Paulina works to guide others on the Ascension path by spreading the awareness of increasing the frequency of the heart consciousness to support the unified human collective. Paulina is on the pathway to opening a sanctuary of healing and Love, spreading Oneness in the hearts of everybody who wishes to find peace and tranquility.