Rachel Vetter, LMSW

Rachel is a Psychotherapist/Licensed Social Worker who has been working in the field for 6+ years. She has a diverse background, working with clientele ranging from adolescents to adults. Rachel specializes in collaborating with clients experiencing sexual trauma, generalized anxiety, depression, personality disorders, eating disorders, substance use, addiction and PTSD.

Rachel draws from trauma-focused, cognitive, and psychodynamic methods. She supports clients in gaining insight into the root of their trauma and assists them in eliminating the negative thinking patterns that cause mental/emotional distress. Rachel provides guidance to her clients through life-transitions, issues in their relationships, and everyday stress that can lead to circular thinking patterns that become difficult to overcome. She believes that through the development of the therapeutic alliance, deep healing is possible. Rachel is committed to cultivating a safe and collaborative environment.

Rachel received her Master’s from Fordham University and has worked individually and with non-profit agencies serving survivors of sexual/intimate partner violence, individuals suffering addiction, eating disorders, individuals with disrupted attachment in childhood & attachment issues in adult intimate partnerships.

LGBTQIA+/Trauma/Sex/Kink affirming.