Tatum Barnes

A Brooklyn native, Tatum Barnes is a mindfulness educator, youth leader, and mentor. As an experienced group facilitator, he bridges the masculine and feminine, the conscious and unconscious, The Earth and The Sky. A biracial man, he is also passionate about bridging Afro-Indigenous and Judeo-Christian traditions. He is especially dedicated to bringing meditation and deep healing to the people of the African diaspora.

Tatum Barnes will receive his Masters in Psychology with a Concentration in Spirituality from Columbia University in May 2019. He has studied with leaders in Western mind-body medicine, reiki masters, and Indigenous healers through the Spirituality Mind Body Institute. He is also blessed to continue his study with Ron Young of Healing Wisdom.

Tatum practices and offers healing modalities including qi-gong, meditation, tarot, shamanic journeying, and spiritual constellations. A channel for the divine, a messenger, and a guide through transitions, Tatum is honored to be bringing his gifts to Heal Haus.