Taylor Colbert, MHC-LP

Taylor Colbert is a Mental Health Counselor, MHC-LP. Taylor has had intensive training, she gained vast experience treating a dynamic population in both inpatient and outpatient settings, working with individuals, couples and families. Taylor has met clients in crisis and those responding to severe trauma. Her focus is developing holistic treatment plans utilizing a client-centered approach with cognitive- behavioral strategies, tailoring these plans to best suit clients’ immediate needs and to fit long-term goals.

Taylor specializes in wellness tools to treat anxiety and depression and is committed to finding strategies that fit her clients’ lifestyle. It’s her goal to work with clients to create a “toolbox” they can leave with and turn to in times of need, in an effort to counter cyclical maladaptive patterns and behaviors. Taylor is particularly interested in helping individuals work through unique types of grief – especially disenfranchised grief which often goes unnoticed by society. She believes trauma and grief are inextricably interwoven and feels it imperative we recognize all types of loss in order to heal.

Taylor hopes to assist clients in finding their own voice while navigating issues that surface with pregnancy termination, fertility struggles, gender-identity, relationship loss and attachments, and when caring for sick loved ones. She strives to supply her clients with the tools and mindset necessary to feel empowered, build healthier relationships and find balance in their lives. Residing in NYC/Brooklyn since 2006, Taylor recognizes how the pressures of living and working in this city alone can weigh on an individual. Her style has been described as non-judgmental, nurturing, and empowering, as she aims to create a safe and calming environment, where clients can feel heard.