Therese Kempf, LCSW

Therese Kempf is a New York State licensed psychotherapist, supervisor and consultant in private practice in NYC. Therese specializes in treating trauma and PTSD in survivors of interpersonal violence, sexual assault, systemic racial trauma, epigenetic trauma, and early attachment trauma.

Therese is also a certified couples therapist, specializing in treating couples that have difficulty with intimacy due to the legacy of unresolved childhood trauma that becomes re-enacted in the dyad. Therese is particularly interested in increasing dialogue amongst young couples about how trauma, race, misogyny, spirituality, and the perplexity of choice impact our lived experiences and our relationships.

Therese is trained in evidence-based cognitive behavioral treatments as well as more holistic body based treatments, such as Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for individuals and couples.
Therese has presented throughout NYC on such issues as domestic violence, trauma, mental health for women of color, and the power of saying ‘NO’. Therese is a woman of color and is committed to making therapy more safe and less stigmatized for people of color.