Tiffani Moore

Tiffani Moore is an attuned Reiki practioner, certified Yin and 26+2 (Bikram) yoga instructor and gifted guide in healing art of meditation. Utilizing the power of these modalities and key shamanic principles her goal is to get her clients in touch with their inner Self. Rediscovering the light within in order to play an active role in their personal healing.

In late 2012 she was diagnosed with SLE Lupus, suffering from a bevy of different symptoms ranging from loss of rotation in her joints to hair loss and brain fog.  Moorefollowed her intuition and begun to study the power of alternative therapies including herbs and many of the healing practices she utilizes with clients now.

After years of applied research Moore is grateful to be healthy and symptom free, possessing a great veneration for this work. She is greatly devoted to exploring her physical, emotional and spiritual healing with the belief that she can only take her clients as deep as she is willing to go.