HealHaus Founders: Elisa Shankle & Darian Hall

HealHaus was born out of divine intention and connection when Darian Hall and Elisa Shankle simultaneously experienced monumental shifts in their lives.

Darian Hall, once committed to a corporate lifestyle, left his career in the medical field to travel the world for 6 months. During his travels he learned a lot about himself and became more passionate about the commonalities that connect us as humans. Upon coming back to NYC, Darian’s personal expansion and an increasing curiosity, led him to ask his mother for the first time who his father was. At 36 years of age, he found his father online and took the steps to travel to California to meet him for the very first time. After being vulnerable and sharing his story via social media, the feedback he received from other men was overwhelming. The common thread throughout these conversations was that the men were sharing various traumas that they had been through. These discussions prompted him to start thinking about the lack of accessible healing spaces for men. He set out to explore this question and brought Elisa along to see what this idea could mean.

Elisa Shankle moved from North Carolina to attend Pratt Institute and get her degree in Interior Design. Having been an entrepreneur for a while and running a successful design business, her passion for design is undeniable but not her purpose. This became more evident as Elisa began to delve more in to her spiritual practice, knowledge of plant medicine, and a holistic lifestyle. In her early 20s she dealt with anxiety and depression, and learned to cure herself naturally through diet and herbs. Her dedication to alternative living has always been an integral part of her life. The last year has been a life altering experience having lost her brother and being forced to make the choice; to survive and thrive, or allow this to take her out. With the help of her tribe and spirit guides, she made a commitment to heal herself, be as transparent as possible, and a walking example that we are our greatest healers (with help of course!). Elisa is Reiki 2 attuned and explores her own healing practice through different mediums to access mind, body, and spirit.

Our intention of creating HealHaus was to aspire to create a safe space where healing is accessible, inclusive, and community oriented. We strongly believe that wellness does not have to look or feel one certain way; that you can be a multifaceted person and still be committed to your personal evolution. This is a space where you can come as you are with no judgement, and feel free to just be. Welcome home.